ALCRYL® RAPID - Fast Absorbable Braided & Coated Polyglactin 910

ALCRYL® RAPID is recommended when faster absorption is desired. The higher homopolymer of Glycolide, is reduced to simpler polymer of glycolide to get it absorbed rapidly. It is ideal for use in oral and scalp wounds, episiotomy surgery, closure of laceration under cast etc.

Product Details:
Composition Poly (Glycolide-co-L-lactice) (Glacomer 91)
Construction Braided
Coating Polycaprolactone and Calcium Stearate
Color Undyed
Sterilization 100% Ethylene Oxide
Absorption Time Completely absorbed in 40-60 days
Strength Retention 50% at 1 weeks
Tissue Reaction Mild tissue reaction
Available in Sizes 6-0, 5-0, 4-0, 3-0, 2-0, 0, 1, 2
Shelf Life 5 Years

  • High initial tensile strength.
  • Soft and smooth feel that helps in easy passage through the tissue without any irritation.
  • Good knotting properties because of better and modern braiding technology.
  • Excellent knot slide & knot security.
  • No need for suture removal.

  • Dry
  • Primary packaging- Aluminium foil
  • Secondary packaging: Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated polyfilm
  • Box of 12 sutures - 500 gsm super chromo board carton

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