ALSILK® - Braided Silk Black

ALSILK® sutures offer ease of use and are provided with some special features to give strength and handling properties. It is used in general closure, G. I. tract, plastic, skin, opthalmic and cardiovascular surgeries. It is widely used as ligature.

Product Details:
Composition Silk
Construction Braided
Coating Coated with silicon to give “hand” to the suture
Color Black
Sterilization 100% Ethylene Oxide
Absorption Time Gets completely absorbed in 2 years. It is a very slow absorbing suture
Strength Retention Althoug classified as a non-absorbable suture, it loses most of its tensile strength in one year
Tissue Reaction Moderate
Available in Sizes 6-0, 5-0, 4-0, 3-0, 2-0, 0, 1
Shelf Life 5 Years

  • Coated with silicon to allow easy passage through tissue, limit absorption and increase ductility.
  • Knot pull strength and needle swage strength greater than USP limits.
  • Flexible, elongates to support for optimum knotting.
  • Dyed black for better visibility.
  • Excellent strength & handling properties.
  • Material yields to extended approximation & has no tissue reaction.

  • Dry
  • Primary packaging - Paper folder
  • Secondary packaging: Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated polyfilm
  • Box of 12 sutures - 400 gsm super chromo board carton

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