AYLONTM - Monofilament Polyamide Black

AYLONTM suture provides excellent elasticity. It is Ideal for use in skin closures and plastic surgery.

Product Details:
Composition Nylon
Construction Monofilament
Coating The product does not require any coating
Color Black
Sterilization 100% Ethylene Oxide
Absorption Time Non-absorbable
Strength Retention Non-absorbable. However, progressive hydrolysis may cause a gradual loss of up to 20% in its tensile strength each year
Tissue Reaction Minimal
Available in Sizes 10-0, 9-0, 8-0, 7-0, 6-0, 5-0, 4-0, 3-0, 2-0, 0, 1
Shelf Life 5 Years

  • Easy passage through tissue because of low frictional co-efficient.
  • Excellent elasticity.
  • Knot pull strength and needle swage strength greater than USP limits.
  • Superior cutting needles which are excellent for use in plastic surgery.
  • Ideal for use in skin closures.
  • Posses excellent tensile strength.
  • Easy removal with no tissue adherence.

  • Dry
  • Primary packaging - Paper folder
  • Secondary packaging: Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated polyfilm
  • Box of 12 sutures - 400 gsm super chromo board carton

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